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Web Programming Lecture Final Grade(June 23rd)

Your final grade is uploaded in the university system.
( Click the above SNS1 site)

Your final grade as well as your specific points
(Midterm Exam(35%), Final Exam(35%), Quiz&TeamHomework(수시및과제)(20%)
and Attendance(10%) are announced together in the web-site:

In each specific point, 100-point is the full score.

In the Quiz&HW(수시및과제)(20%) points,
all points of HW & Team project (Max 40 points-->
changed to Maximum 50 Points)
and Quizes(Practice/4 Online: Max 43-->
changed to Maximum 50 Points)
(which are shown already in the BlackBoard, about original scores)
are included and summed up together to make your average score
among the full 100-points (shown in the UIS system).
If you have any question about your final grade (final exam,
attendance, HW & Team Project, QUIZ, etc.),
you can visit Professor Kim's office (Yool 503A)
during 1 ~ 4 PM in June 25 (Monday).

Good Luck~
Have a nice summer vacation, and have a nice trip~

최종 성적게시 ( 위 SNS1 클릭)

각 점수(각 100점만점 기준)도 게시함.
(중간고사:35%, 기말고사:35%, 수시 및 과제:20%, 출석:10%)

수시 및 과제: 점수(100점만점) 계산:
(이미 게시된 블랙보드 점수 참조)
5번 퀴즈시험(43점 만점)-->50점으로 변환점수,
5번 숙제 및 팀프로젝트(40점 만점)-->50점으로 변환점수.
위 2점수를 합한 점수.
성적에 문의가 있는 학생은
6월 25일(월) 오후 1시~4시 사이에 율503A에서
문의 바랍니다.

방학을 건강하고 보람있게 보내기 바랍니다.

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