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망.net Computer Network Grade (Dec 19th)
Final Grade is uploaded.
If you have any question about your grade/points,
then you can ask by email until Dec 28th(Mon) 6:00PM.

Official Access Date: from 2020-12-24(?)
in the Web URL:


Your actual Attendance-Point (for final grading) of
Attendance-Check is from your Attendance Status (%)
in Blackboard.

(as in the Lecture schedule (PDF) in
Midterm Exam(30%), Final Exam(30%), Quiz&Assignments(30%),

[Final-Grading Scheme]

Midterm Exam (100 Points): 30% for Grading

Final Exam (100 Points): 30% for Grading

Quiz&Assignments (100 Points): 30% for Grading
[3(including practice) Quizzes &
10Assignments]: 30% for Grading, as follows

Quiz(10%)&Assignments(20%)(30%, converted to full points:100)=

Attendance (100 Points): 10% for Grading
(same as Attendance Status(%) in Blackboard)

[in front of Room#801, AI Center Bldg, until Dec 31st:
You can keep any 2 Books if you want, but mostly Korean Books.]

Have a nice & healthy winter vacation~
Good Luck~


(just for reference)
2020 This year's Persons:
사힌&튀레지-Sahin&Tureci,COVID-19 Vaccine Developers,Turkish/Germany

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