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PIG Computer Network
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망.net Computer Network Lecture (Dec 5th)
Lecture: ComNet#14(A) is included in the 13th WEEK
(Nov 27th, Fri).

Lectures: ComNet#15(A) and ComNet#15(B) are included
in the 14th WEEK (Dec 4th, Fri).

No Lecture in the 15th WEEK(Dec 11th, Friday),
i.e. in the Final-Exam Week(15th Week).

Only one online Final Exam is remaining,
and it will be taken in the Dec 18th (11:00AM~11:20AM)
as the original schedule in the syllabus.

The compressed lecture (into 15 Weeks) and
the study-load & preparation time for Final-Exam
(special situation) are considered.

Online Final Exam [Dec 18th, Fri, 11:00~11:20AM]
(Scope : Chapter 4, 5 and 6)

(Late-Start subtraction: after 5min: -20, after 10min: -40,
after 15min: -100)

25 Questions in 20 Minutes (each Question: 4points),
Any cheating: Final Grade "F"

Now, this Test is protected with password,
this will be changed to "no password" mode
in Dec 18th 11:00AM.
Scope: (Lectures & HW & Wireshark after Midterm Exam)
Chapter: 4, 5 and 6 Lectures,
HW Assignments(#4,#5 and #6),
Wireshark Labs (3, 4 and 5: DNS, TCP and IP)

Reading/Understanding Assignment:
(Interactive Animations, Video Notes) and
as shown in the Blackboard Menu "HW & Wireshark, QUIZ,EXAM"

Practice Quiz-test (by your favorite device,
in the Blackboard "HW & Wireshark,QUIZ,EXAM" Menu,
to prepare the 2 QUIZ tests & EXAMs: Midterm & Final)
(from Sept 18th until Dec 17th)
URL: ) :
(Scope: from Lecture PPT & Video: about Chapter1, for Review):
5 Questions (Question Types: 2-Multiple Choice,
3-Fill in the Blank)-5 Points

(Use only the URL:
Please do not use Blackboard APP.)
Because of this special situation,
QUIZ-test: Just Once, no more chance.
You should be familiar with online QUIZ test
with many online Practice QUIZ tests, already asked.
Your online QUIZ/EXAM-test capability & device
(PC or Smart phone: your selected favorite-device) manipulation
capability for online QUIZes/EXAMs are also tested automatically.

During QUIZ/EXAM, Back-tracking is not possible.
If you try to do back-tracking,
the test may be stopped, and no other way & no more chance.

URL for QUIZ/EXAM-test: ("HW&Wireshark,QUIZ,EXAM" menu
(Please do not use Bb App,
it is not working with this QUIZ/EXAM-test.)


Remark: Quiz & Exam(Midterm & Final) will be online
(Open Books & Open Web),
but in random & fast-mode to prevent from any cheating.

Computer Network (QUIZs & EXAMs) (uploaded in the Youtube)

Please refer to the contents in the Lecture Web page. (click !)

Click! this or above SNS3

(reference)8th Edition PPT:
You can download in or in the Blackboard

Introduction Video about Wireshark:
about Wireshark (Click!)

*************** Attendance Check *****************

[in the Blackboard, same video clips (as Youtube's)
will be uploaded in "This weeks" menu,
You can check automatically your attendance
by watching the videos in (left) "This weeks" Menu
in the Black board.
(at least over 10 minutes for each with the Blackboard Videos,
considering the re-watching of Youtube videos & Blackboard videos;
because they are same,
you can watch the Youtube videos
in advance or alternatively

[Automatic attendance check (only) in the Blackboard
is possible only during each week.

With Youtube Lecture-videos, in any convenient time,
you can study in advance.]

After Completion of 15 weeks(Online Lectures),
your Attendance Check will be fully applied to the Ucheck,
depending upon your Video Watch (Pass/Fail).
For each week Video-Watch, if all Video Watches are P(Pass),
then Your Attendance will be successful.

************ (Schedule Until Final Exam) *************

=========== HW & Wireshak-Lab ===========
(cancel)HW#6 Chapter 6
[Solution-video will be uploaded Lec#15(B)]

R9, R12, P14ab. P15ab, P21, P22, P31

(cancel, but included in the Scope of final-Exam)

[Instead, please refer to the solution-video
(for HW#4, HW#5, and HW#6),
the solution-video: Lec#15(B) will
be accessible from Dec 1st(Tue).]
Wireshark Lab#3 (DNS) Solution:

Wireshark_DNS_SOLUTION_V7.0.pdf is uploaded in the 10th Week
in the Blackboard.
Wireshark Lab#4 (TCP) Solution:

Wireshark_TCP_SOLUTION_v7.0 is uploaded in the 12th Week
in the Blackboard.

Wireshark Lab#5 (IP) Solution:

Wireshark_IP_SOLUTION_V7.0.pdf is uploaded in the 14th Week
in the Blackboard.

=========== HW & Wireshak-Lab ==========
from [Text Book: Computer Networking - a Top-Down Approach (7th Ed.)
James Kurose, Keith Ross, Pearson]
Reading/Understanding Assignment (No submission)
(just read and understand each Chapter Contents,
Nothing to be submitted)
(as shown in the Blackboard "HW, Wireshark,Quiz,EXAM" Menu)
Interactive Animations
Video Notes
(related to the URL in the above Home & SNS3)

from [Wireshark Lab PDF Download(Wireshark PDF)]
in Web Site

[in front of Room#801, AI Center Bldg, in November:
You can keep any 2 Books if you want, but mostly Korean Books.]

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