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루이뷔통-Louis Vuitton, 패션디자이너, France
루이뷔통 [Louis Vuitton ]


[출생] 1821년 8월 4일
Anchay, Jura, France

[사망] 1892년 2월 27일 (70세)
Asnieres-sur-Seine, France

[요약] 가방, 의류, 주얼리, 신발, 선글라스,
시계, 필기구 등의 브랜드. LVMH 그룹이 소유하
고 있으며, 본사는 프랑스의 파리에 있다.


1837년에 루이 뷔통(Louis Vuitton)은 16세의
나이에 트렁크 회사 견습공으로 일하기 시작했
다. 1854년에 그는 회사를 설립하고 파리에 최초
의 매장을 열어 직접 제조한 여행용 가방을 판매
하기 시작했다.

1867년에 파리 만국박람회에 참가해서 동메달을
획득했다. 1885년에 영국 런던에 첫 번째 매장
을 열었다.1892년에 회사는 처음으로 핸드백을
만들기 시작했고 창립자 루이 뷔통은 사망했다.
1896년에 루이 뷔통의 아들 조르주 뷔통이 자사
제품의 모조품 방지를 위해서 '모노그램 캔버스
(Monogram Canvas)'를 디자인했다. 그러나 그의
노력에도 불구하고 루이뷔통은 오늘날 세계에서
가장 모조품이 많은 브랜드이다.

1997년에는 필기구 분야로 진출하여 '펜 컬렉
션'을 출시했다. 1998년에 마크 제이콥스(Marc
Jacobs)를 디자이너로 영입하고 의류 '프레타포
르테 라인'을 출범했다. 2002년에는 시계 컬렉
션 '땅부르(Tambour)'를 출시했다.

1987년에 샴페인과 브랜디 제조업체인 '모엣 헤
네시(Moet Hennessy)'와 합병하여 'LVMH 그
룹'을 설립했다. 그룹은 '크리스찬 디올' '지방
시' '겐조' '벨루티' '겔랑' 등의 명품 브랜드
를 소유하고 있다. 현재 미국, 영국, 한국, 일
본, 대만, 아르헨티나, 브라질, 중국, 인도, 네
덜란드, 남아프리카 공화국, 이집트, 모로코, 러
시아 등 세계 140여 개국에 진출해 있다.


Louis Vuitton

[Born] 4 August 1821
Anchay, Jura, France

[Died] 27 February 1892 (aged 70)
Asnieres-sur-Seine, France

[Occupation] Malletier

[Known for] The founder of Louis Vuitton

[Spouse(s)] Clemence-Emilie Parriaux

Xavier Vuitton, Corinne Gaillard

Louis Vuitton (4 August 1821 ~ 27 February
1892) was a French fashion designer and
businessman. He was the founder of the Louis
Vuitton brand of leather goods now owned by
LVMH. Prior to this, he had been appointed
as trunk-maker to Empress Eugenie de
Montijo, wife of Napoleon III.


[Early life]
Vuitton was born on 4 August 1821 in Anchay
in the Jura region in Eastern France.
Descended from a long-established working-
class French family, Vuitton's ancestors
were joiners, carpenters, farmers and
milliners. His father, Xavier Vuitton, was a
farmer, and his mother, Corinne Gaillard,
was a milliner. Vuitton's mother died when
he was only 10 years old, and his father
died soon thereafter.

[Work and career]
In the courtyard of the Asnieres
workshops, around 1888, Louis, Georges and
Gaston L. Vuitton (sitting on a bed trunk)
On the first day of tolerable weather in the
spring of 1835, at the age of 13, Vuitton
left home alone and on foot, bound for
Paris. He traveled for more than two years,
taking odd jobs to feed himself along the
way and staying wherever he could find
shelter, as he walked the 292-mile trek from
his native Anchay to Paris. He arrived in
1837, at the age of 16.

While there was widespread poverty in Paris,
the city was also being transformed by the
Industrial revolution. Vuitton was taken on
as an apprentice in the workshop of a
successful box-maker and packer named
Monsieur Marechal. In 19th-century Europe,
box-making and packing was a highly
respectable and urbane craft. A box-maker
and packer custom-made all boxes to fit the
goods they stored and personally loaded and
unloaded the boxes. It took Vuitton only a
few years to stake out a reputation amongst
Paris's fashionable class as one of the
city's premier practitioners of his new craft.

In 1854, at age 33, Vuitton married 17-year-
old Clemence-Emilie Parriaux. Soon after the
marriage, he left Marechal's shop, and
opened his own box-making and packing
workshop in Paris. Outside the shop a sign
hung reading "Securely packs the most
fragile objects. Specializing in packing
fashions." Four years later in 1858, Vuitton
introduced his revolutionary stackable
rectangular shaped trunks to a market that
only had rounded tops. This demand spurred
his expansion into a larger workshop outside of Paris.

After the re-establishment of the French
Empire under Napoleon III, Vuitton was hired
as personal box maker and packer to the
Empress of France, Spanish countess Eugenie
de Montijo. She charged him with "packing
the most beautiful clothes in an exquisite
way." De Montijo provided Vuitton with a
gateway to other elite and royal clients who
provided him with work for the rest of his career.

He continued to work until his death at the
age of 70 on 27 February 1892. After his
death, his son Georges Vuitton took over
control of the company.


(from 네이버 지식백과 두산백과

Brand, Bag, Box maker, Biz, + - : o~
(PIG: time-variant)

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